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OUTLeads Guidelines


Seattle OUTLeads is a networking group of LGBTQIA+ and Allied business owners and company representatives who are looking to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with other professionals, new customers, clients, and community partners.


The idea is simple: generate business for your fellow Seattle OUTLeads members by bringing qualified leads and referrals directly to them, and in return, they bring leads and referrals to you. Only one industry is represented in the group at a time, which keeps the business activity circulating within the group.



Your membership in the group is based on you, your business or the company you represent, and the product or service you provide.


If you pivot to a new company or industry, provided your new company (product/services) is not in conflict with another existing member’s product/service category, you may update your information and remain in the Seattle OUTLeads group. If there is a conflict with an existing member, your membership will not be renewed.

  • Membership is by invitation only and is approved by the leadership team.

  • Only one member per business industry or category is allowed.

  • Members are expected to value their participation in the group by attending most meetings held and being mindful of category overlaps.

  • Conduct your business professionally, ethically, and in a manner that positively reflects on the community and the group.

  • If you have a conflict with another member in the group while doing business together, it is expected that you will make every attempt to resolve those differences with the individual first. If you are unable to resolve the issue between yourselves, please privately contact the leadership team. Please do not take the issue before the group or broadcast negative comments or concerns.

  • Agree to support both leadership team decisions and/or decisions made by the group.

  • By becoming a member of OUTLeads you agree to follow these guidelines, if not, your membership could be terminated.

Each member is allowed a business listing on the homepage of this website, including a logo or graphic, category, and company description. There is also a community forum/blog where you can post topics, specials, questions, and have general discussions. You will need to join the community, please follow the prompts to register.

The business listing guidelines are as follows:

  • BIO text: Maximum 450 characters max. with spaces.

  • Your company will be listed in the business category of your choice, approved by the leadership team, and in alphabetical order.

  • Each listing will be live linked to the website of your choice.

  • Each business will create their own graphic to fit within the specs provided below, it can be just your logo, logo and information, or something more elaborate, here are some examples:

Artwork Specifications:

Dimensions: 2 by 2-inch square (or scalable) (144 px by 144 px)

File format: PNG or JPEG

Minimum 72 dpi

Please email your submission to Jerome Bader at or call 206.478.4645 with any questions.

Dues and Expenses
Each member will be asked to pay $150 a year to participate, which covers the website hosting expenses, marketing, and administrative costs associated with the group, and the web hosting costs.


Prospective Members

Prospective members can reach out directly to the leadership team for an invitation to join a meeting or be invited by a current member of the OUTLeads group.


Before you invite a new business owner or representative to a meeting, please review the following guidelines:

  • Check to make sure that their business industry isn’t already represented in the group.

  • Explain that this is an LGBTQIA+ and Allied business networking group.

  • Explain OUTLeads purpose, expectations, benefits, and guidelines.

  • Visit the prospective members’ web site.

  • Ask them what their ideal prospect looks like.

  • Ask them what industries they have been successful doing business with.

  • Ensure that their business is a good fit for the group.


At the end of the meeting, prospective members will be contacted by the leadership team to answer any question or help with the next steps.



An OUTLeads member’s attendance and participation within the group is highly valued and needed to foster a thriving networking and referral group. Effective networking is only accomplished when members consistently attend and interact with others, it is expected that members will make OUTLeads meetings a priority.


Members are allowed one absence per quarter. However, a member can have a substitute or guest attend the meeting in their place thus not counting as a missed meeting. Please contact the leadership team if exceptions need to be made.


Quarter 1: January-March

Quarter 2: April-June

Quarter 3: July-September

Quarter 4: October-December


Members who consistently miss meetings will be asked to give up their category so that it can be made available for a member who wishes to participate.


Weekly Meeting Guidelines - Meetings are currently virtual via the ZOOM meeting platform.

Every first and third Thursday of the month from 8:30 am to 9:30’ish am.

Please stay for the entire meeting to the best of your ability, follow the meeting agenda, stay engaged, and silence your phone.


Meeting Tips (Virtual)

  • Have your 1-2 minute commercial ready for the group.

  • Have any links to references, social media, contact information, and/or event information ready to place in the chat directly after your 2-minute commercial.

  • Stick to your 60-120 second business commercial. If necessary, have it written down and know your target market and prospect.

  • When applicable, please have your leads typed out and with you for distribution.

  • When applicable, please have your list of targeted prospects you would like an introduction to ready.

  • Always come with a focus, positive attitude, and ready to have a little fun also.

  • Please let the leadership team know if you are not attending.

  • Make guests feel welcome by taking the initiative to introduce yourself.

  • Have your calendar with you.

  • Come to the meeting as if you are meeting with your best prospect or customer.


Meeting Tips (In-person)

  • Bring a supply of business cards (25) and promotional materials for distribution and display.

  • Stick to your 30 to 60 second business commercial. If necessary, have it written down. Know your target market and prospect.

  • Please document your leads and have them ready for distribution.

  • Have your list of targeted prospects and the accounts you would like an introduction to written down and with you.

  • Always come with a focus and positive attitude.

  • Let someone know if you are not attending.

  • Make guests feel welcome by taking the initiative to introduce yourself.

  • Have your calendar with you.

  • Come to the meeting as if you are meeting with your best prospect or customer.


What is a Good Lead?

A good business lead (or sales lead) is a person or company who is interested in a product or service that is represented in the OUTLeads group and one that you can provide.



Each member will make every effort to create referrals for the members of the group, it’s the fuel the drives our network. We try and track all referrals so that we can monitor progress, please come to each meeting with a brief recap of your referrals.


One on One Networking Meetings

One on one networking meetings are important, and members are encouraged to make this a regular part of their relationship within OUTLeads. Referrals and introductions to potential leads is often a function of getting to know each other along with the products and services that each can provide. Without spending time together and learning about each other’s background, experience, and business proposition, we cannot effectively generate quality leads and referrals.

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